Ghost Beaver Kick in an independent online series and short film shot in and around North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

The Series

"Ghost Beaver Kick" the mini-series takes place around 2018 and features heroes and villains like The Trapper, Olga von Bachstoffer, The Seagull King, The "Cosmic Duck" Ryo Zen, a Floating Disembodied Goatbear Head, and The Stab Conjurer.

To find out more, please visit the Series Page.

The Movie

"Ghost Beaver Kick" is a short film that takes place in 2098 and features Adam Newton as Ghost Beaver Kick, Leah Hardy as Sigma, and Michael J. Braam as The Business.

The film is complete! You can watch it right here!

The Ghost Beaver Kick Movie is sponsored by these amazing folks!

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