Ghost Beaver Kick

Select Your Own Adventure™

It's dark.

You don't know where you are. You feel like you've just been shaken awake by a gorilla. You're exaggerating: the gorilla is a man, and his name is Jim. He's drunker than a boiled owl.

You look around. There are people sitting near you. They're not looking at you - they seem to be preoccupied with something else. You can't tell what.

Did we mention it was dark? It's dark.

Jim smiles and looks you over. You don't like Jim's look. Jim's got a look in his eye like a rat headed south. Jim turns and looks to where everyone else is looking. You figure you probably should give all this looking a try, so you do. Looks like it was a good idea.

Dimly, but then with more determination, a light stabs at you the way a wary raccoon stabs at a fresh trash bin. The light grows bolder. It sees you looking and it likes it. Excited, the light bursts into hundreds of thousands of wavelengths that fall somewhere between 390 to 700 nanometers, so that your eyes can see them.

The goldfish you've been holding onto can see in both ultraviolet and infrared and is having a great time.

But what do you see? With dawning awe, your eyes adjust and there it is: a thirty foot tall screen that reads: