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Sent back in time in order to save humanity, “The Cosmic Duck” Ryo Zen arrives in the year 2017. In her timeline, an elite villain organization known as the Moonitisu have destroyed the Earth by connecting it to the moon with a giant space magnet.

Determined to stop the Moonitsu, Ryo travels back to recruit the help of the greatest Canadian on Earth - the mysterious sensei known only as Ghost Beaver Kick.

Together, the duo plot a course to stop the Moonitsu from gathering the materials and plans they need to build their magnet, until Ryo Zen has to return to the future.

After that, Ghost Beaver Kick eats a lot of pancakes and sometimes fights people.

A mix of Monty Python, Thunderbirds, the
tokusatsu tradition and unapologetic Canadiana, “Ghost Beaver Kick” makes Batman & Robin look like a cultural masterpiece.

Episode 1 

Ghost Beaver Kick must fight and defeat "The Horrid Creature," a dinosaur-man in a trenchcoat that steals towels. 

Episode 2

Ghost Beaver Kick fights a great white shark/ninja who is terrorizing a local sea town. 

Episode 3

Ryo Zen arrives from the future with a message: the future is bad. Together, Ghost Beaver Kick and Ryo Zen must face The Stab Conjurer, a magician who knows preslicely what he's doing - with knives!

In this incredible two-villain episode, Ghost Beaver Kick also squares off against a member of the Moonitsu council with a love for Phil Collins: The Blue Briton!

Episode 4

On his semi-annual jog to Milwaukee, Ghost Beaver Kick is chased down and questioned by a terrifying Floating Disembodied Goatbear Head.

There is also a nice picnic.

Episode 5

The Trapper, a member of the Moonitsu council, turns his eyes and snares towards Ghost Beaver Kick. Will Ghost Beaver Kick be able to save his beaver friend Mr. Maples before he is cooked? Will Ghost Beaver Kick even be able to save himself? Yes!

Episode 6


Needing energy to fly south for the winter, the evil Seagull King attempts to kidnap Mr. Maples.

It's up to Ghost Beaver Kick to teach The Seagull King the meaning of family, and he'll do it with his KICKS!

Episode 7

When a time travelling baby slips into the past, The Trapper must stop him from falling into the hands of the evil Archivist!

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